Christmas Cheer

My best friend was in New York today!! She was in town on business and decided to stay and extra night to take in the sites, and it just so happened I was in town at the same time. HOORAY!! We see each other maybe once a year, twice if we’re very lucky.

We met around 4pm. I decided to skip the subway and walked from 89th to 57th to meet her at her hotel. It was a nice 20 min walk. Her hotel was near Columbus Circle.

We set off with her boss and a friend who drove in from Delaware. We started at the window displays at Bergdorf Goodman. They were Alice in Wonderland themed.

We walked down Park Ave. and headed to the tree at Rockafellar Plaza. I have to be honest, the tree was a little disappointing. It seems so much bigger on TV. The magic of television I suppose

We went to Bryant Park and watched one of the figure skaters set to go to the Olympics skate. They have some really cute shops set up there. They had some opera singers do a few songs. I think we stumbled upon the tree lighting ceremony for the tree at Bryant Park. It was crowded so we didn’t stay too long. We set off to Times Square and all it’s bright screens. Here is another of the many Times Square shots I’ve taken over various trips.

We headed uptown to Columbus Circle. They had a beautiful light display inside the shopping area. We went inside to get out from the cold and find the lav.

They have TVs installed in the bathroom mirrors. Ted Turner has way too much money! After the shops we walked a little through Central Park. It’s a bit freaky at night so we didn’t walk too far into the park. It was so good to have my best friend in town, even if it was only for the day. Now I’m in the Christmas mood!


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