Ira Glass (my NPR crush)

I am in love with this man. If I have not already introduced you to his genius, this is Ira Glass host of the amazing This American Life. If you have stopped listening to radio, he gives you a reason to go back. The premise of TAL is they pick a theme and they put together different stories based on that theme, which may sound boring but it’s more like movies for the radio. The show has the ability to have you laughing hysterically in the first act and reduce you to tears by the last act. You can stream all of their shows on their website They also have a weekly podcast of their latest show. If you need suggestions I have a favorites list I’d love to share with you, just let me know and I’ll email it to you.

Anyway the reason I have Ira on the brain is he was in Berkeley this past weekend giving a talk on how to tell a story. I was supposed to go to this show but since I’m on the other coast of course was unable to attend. A group of my friends went and from preliminary reports had a great time. One of them managed to sneak me a sound clip of part of the chat. In the clip Ira deconstructs the opening segment of the Cringe episode (this episode is on the favs list btw). He breaks down how they put together a story for the show. This is why I love Ira, he can make something mundane into a compelling story. I’m so sad I wasn’t there. (Thanks for the clip BDM, it felt like I was there because I could hear you and J$ laughing)

I’m crossing my fingers maybe I’ll run into him on the subway (he lives in NY). Better yet maybe I’ll submit one of my story ideas to the show and he can come and interview me.


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