Baby it’s cold outside

It’s not quite yet snowing here in NY, but the temperature has definitely dropped. I think the worst thing is the chilly wind. My lips are getting chapped from the wind, my carmex addiction has been unable to curb the effects. I am quickly coming to the realization that my winter wardrobe is seriously lacking some essential items. Here’s what I picked up on in the past week (functional and fashionable pieces).

1. The knee high riding boot. I saw a 10 year old wearing a pair like these today and I felt so unhip in my UGGS. These look good over jeans, leggings, with a skirt etc. You can dress them up or dress them down. They’re good for all types of weather. The big plus for me is the manageable heel. Yes I’ve watched Sex in the City, I am no Carey Bradshaw those sky high heels are not my style and with all the walking I have to do here there’s no way I’d get away with heels without breaking my pretty little neck. This is at the top of my Christmas list this year.

2. A long coat. One that looks like you’re walking around in a sleeping bag. I have a snowboarding jacket and a down coat but they’re not long enough to cover my legs. The coats I have, have been sufficient but my poor legs are freezing by the time I get home. I’ve seen a lot of ladies wearing only leggings or skirts which makes me think you’re crazy! but if they got to walk around with one of these covering their exposed legs it wouldn’t be so bad.

3. Ear Warmers. My poor lobes hurt after walking the city. My beanie is insufficient at keeping my ears warm. These are cute ones I found on etsy. I think I may actually be able to make the second one (maybe my knitter friends can help). The first ones are the most practical. I may pick up a set on Canal street with one of the street vendors, but I love the snowflake embellishments.

4. Neck Warmers (i.e. scarves, snoods). I love that the snood acts as both a scarf and a beanie. I also really like the mini scarf pictured above, it does what a scarf is supposed to do without all the extra fabric. It also doubles as a headband if you want it to.

5. Leather gloves. I say leather because when it’s raining, it really sucks when you touch your wet jacket and all of the water is absorbed in your fleece gloves. Yes this has happened while I’ve been here. My thought at that moment was I wish I had leather gloves.

These are the lessons I’ve learned rather quickly since it’s gotten colder. I can only imagine what other unforeseen wardrobe adjustments I’ll need to do when the snow starts to fall. I’m up to the challenge New York, bring it!


3 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside

  1. I love, love, love this list. The wind in Portland drove us mad…it was like an arctic freeze! I sometimes wish it was cold enough in southern ca to wear cute winter clothes, but I somehow always look silly!

  2. I love this post. I know I’ve wanted those ear muffs for a long time. The perfect leather boots I’d love. I also LOVE the leather gloves… I have long, elbow-length leather gloves and they’re wonderful!

  3. There was a cool scarf in SF that might work for you in NY. I should have got it, it’s exactly like that blue one. I was about to get it, then decided not to. Now that I’ve seen this post though, I’m regretting not getting that scarf.

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