Tim Burton at the MOMA

I went to New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) to check out the Tim Burton exhibit. From what I can tell by talking to friends, this exhibit is pretty popular at the moment. I was excited we were able to score tickets. Nat’s friend Erica was in town and since Nat was at school all day Erica and I hung out and spent the morning at the MOMA.

First off Tim Burton is freakin weird. I guess all great artists are eccentric but Tim Burton is on a whole new level. The entrance to the exhibit looked just like the photo above. One wall was lined with screens showing short films of this little guy.

In each short film he kills somebody, always in gory fashion. I learned later that the premise of the movies is that he was ridding a small town of the hooligans and riff raf. He was the town’s superhero. Which was weird since it seemed more like he was offing people. The main impression I got from Tim’s work (which was beautiful and twisted all at the same time) is that he’s pretty morbid and yet has a pretty bright outlook on life. His characters are misunderstood but well meaning. His humor and his art is pretty dark, and he has a distinct style. Did you know he was involved in all of these movies (see gallery below)?

I sure didn’t. I didn’t realize what a big fan of Tim Burton I actually was. His first movie was Pee Wee’s Playhouse. He did the Batmans and even Planet of the Apes. I had no idea. You kind of notice that he likes to cast the same people in his movies. Especially this guy.

He likes casting Helena Bonham Carter, who is his live in partner and mother to his children. Up next for good ol’ Timmy.

Alice in Wonderland! I can’t wait, it looks spectacular.

The exhibit is definitely worth a visit if you’re in New York sometime before April. It’s an interesting showcase of a unique talent.


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