A 2009 Retrospective

I’ve been noticing a lot of grumbling over 2009 (I can’t wait till this year is over, bring on 2010 etc). I personally had a lot of fun this past year. So as 2009 draws to a close I would just like to take a moment to remember some of the highlights for me this year.

  • Florida: I spent a week with Erica & Jon in Orlando at the beginning of the year. It was just a good time to recharge and hang out with two of my favorite people.
  • Stories & Laughs: It’s hard for me to find anyone willing to go to things that amount to an adult story hour but thankfully I’ve gathered a small group of people who are down for a few brews and some nerdy fun. Mortified, Found, David Sedaris etc. I was so glad to go to these events with other like minded nerds.
  • Robin’s surprise weekend: Robin moved abroad in 2009 and to give her a proper send off I planned an elaborate surprise party. Lots of emails and nail biting later I was able to get out of towners and friends of hers organized for a fun weekend.
  • So-cal time: I felt like such a princess the weekend I went to So-cal to catch a Lakers game and hang out with Jon, Dan & Mike. The so-Cal boys drove me around, fed me, took me to the beach, and the observatory. I even saw a Jonas brother. I loved every minute of it.
  • Birthday: My birthday this year was so much fun. Star Trek came out that weekend. A big group of friends and I went to Nightlife at the Academy of Science. Gorged on boiling crab with my cousins. I went for a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge with my brothers and cousin. I pretty much spent a whole week celebrating with good friends and family.
  • Summer Running w/ Mel: I got to spend a lot of time with my childhood best friend and Cousin Mel training for Bay to Breakers and Muddy Buddy. It was nice to cross the finish line and to spend quality time together.
  • Comic Con: I spent an epic weekend with some of the biggest geeks on the planet. I’m a huge sci-fi geek so it was an extra treat to meet people from BSG, Dr. Who, Star Trek & Star Wars. I even helped Leonard Nimoy in the security line at the airport.
  • Angelique & Ricardo’s wedding: A quick weekend trip to my college town of San Luis Obispo to celebrate the nuptials of Ange & Ric. It was an especially beautiful and unique wedding. I know they kept their guest list small so I was honored to be invited.
  • Julie moves back to Cali: My sister moved to Roseville after being stationed at Beale AFB. We’re really close so it was nice to have her only a 3 hour car ride away rather than a 5 hour plane ride. I selfishly make her come home on the weekends to hang out with me.
  • Play time with my godchildren: I must do a pretty good job pretending to be a stand up human being because I have been tapped to be godmother to 5 little ones. I haven’t taken advantage of play time enough but I’ve enjoyed every minute with Jarren, Kaylee, Caycee, Raiden and Kian. Little Kian in particular just has to flash that cute little smile and I am putty in his hands.
  • Europe: I spent almost 3 weeks exploring London, Paris, Florence, Lucerne, Venice, & Rome with my mom and aunt and had a blast.  You can read about it here Allonsy
  • Volleyball: I love volleyball. Thanks Krista & Jared for getting me into Nikkei. Monday night reverse, Friday warm up at the Bank and then Nikkei co-ed volleyball are highlights most weeks. It would be a stretch to say it’s the caliber of play that draws me to the court during the week, really it’s the fun people I get to play with. The Monday Zoo and Friday Nikkei Bunch provide endless laughs.
  • New York: After years of talking about it, I finally made the trek out east to take my bite out of the Big Apple.

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