California Love

I’ve lived in California for most of my life, before finalizing my move to New York I got to spend the holidays with family and friends back in my home state. I was able to spend some time savoring some of my favorite things about Cali. Here is a small sampling of things I’m going to miss:

Forget Shake Shack, In & Out is the hands down winner where burger joints are concerned. Those fresh cut fries, and that crispy grilled bun, there is no contest.

The beautiful California Coastline. I haven’t driven down to LA in a long time, but got the opportunity to do so in early Jan. That drive has to be one of the most spectacular on earth. Seeing all the surfers running across the freeway to get to the water was really cool too.

I’m going to miss the beach! The sand between my toes, and running into the water and playing with the waves.

That’s it for photos, but one of the things that causes equal parts admiration and ire is the diversity of California. I’ve traveled from the the upper reaches of Northern California to toeing the line to Mexico in Southern California and it’s like driving through several different worlds. The people, values, economy, etc. vary greatly even 100 miles apart.

Of course the thing that I’ll always love most and will keep me coming back to California are my family and friends. It may be a while, but I’ll see you guys in Cali again hopefully soon for a visit.


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