Yes the Jane Austen kick has not come to and end. I read 2 books in the first week of February both Austen related and both awesome. The first book was Pride and Prejudice, which doesn’t really need a review since it’s pretty obvious from previous posts that I love it. I get through this book pretty fast because I have much of it committed to memory. The cool thing about the version Angelique gave me is that it is based off the first printing, so there are lots of misspellings and  grammatical errors that were corrected in subsequent printings.

Onto the second book of February: Austenland by Shannon Hale. I read Goose Girl and Princess Academy previously and really enjoyed those stories so I had high hopes for Austenland. I loved it. The story is about Jane Hayes, a single 30 something independent New Yorker who has a secret obsession with Mr. Darcy and Pride & Prejudice. In a last ditch effort to kick the Austen habit Jane immerses herself in a 3 week Austen vacation. It’s a resort that lets the Austen fanatic role play, as if they were living in Austen’s England. There are actors who play characters similar to those in Austen novels. There is the brooding & rude Darcy like guy, the charming easy going Wickham guy, there’s even a Persuasion type romance that plays out.

This book is perfect for the Austen enthusiast. It’s a fun fluff read, perfect for the beach or a cold winter day when you just want to stay inside. Jane Hayes is a fun character and this story would be easily adapted into a movie. I had fun casting the characters in my head. My friends Angelique & Erica would particularly enjoy this one (Girls you’re welcome to my copy, just come pick it up in NY).


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