We got 10 inches of snow on Wednesday (2/9). I enjoyed this snowfall from the comfort of my cozy apartment. I wasn’t feeling too well and after hearing reports from friends who were forced to venture out in the storm I figured it was better to just watch the snowflakes from indoors. I love snow! It gives you the chance to bundle up in warm coats, scarves and hats. I love the sound of the snow crunching beneath your feet. I love when the flurries get caught in your eyelashes or on the fringes of your bangs. The concrete jungle blanketed with fresh snowfall is so beautiful. The weather forecast says there is a 100% chance of snow tonight and tomorrow. I’m feeling a lot better so I think I may go out and brave the snowfall, I may even go sledding.

For a little perspective, this is what the playground beneath my window looked like before the snowstorm (photo taken in Dec).

This is what it looked like at about 2 in the afternoon on Wednesday.

By 6pm the chain link fence was covered in a sheet of snow. The playground equipment wasn’t even visible. On a side note though, no screaming children the rest of the week. How cool must it be to get snow days?!

Hopefully I’ll get some more pictures of my neighborhood covered in snow tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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