Unemployed in the City

Job hunting sucks! It breaks you down like nothing else. The silence that greets you after you apply for a job is a unique combination of hopeful anticipation and rejection. I’ve been in New York for a couple of months and have applied to 78 different jobs, that doesn’t even include the stuff I applied to before I got here. I write individual cover letters, gotten recommendations from friends and new contacts, followed up where I could and here I am still jobless and growing more and more restless. It’s disheartening to work hours on a cover letter, reading the job description and knowing with all your being that you are qualified for the job that sometimes you may even be overqualified and then not getting a call back.

The hiring process is a mystery.I’ve been on the other end of it and have learned that so much of it is out of your control. I’ve rejected resumes based on things as small as I didn’t like the fancy font or they went to a University I didn’t like. I know it’s harsh and unfair but when you have a stack of 40 resumes on your desk you do anything to narrow the field. I read somewhere that in New York every open position is applied to by at least 20 qualified people. The unemployment rate in this state is 8.8%. The stats aren’t pretty.

The market is tough and I knew that before moving out here but for some reason that didn’t deter me. I knew perfectly well that I could be unemployed for six months before finding a job but when you are at home checking the job listings day after day and not hearing a thing back you seriously start to wonder what is wrong with you. I’ve had friends who have been unemployed for two or more years. The news keeps telling us that the economy is going to bounce back any day now. While I really hope that’s true I’m not holding my breath.

Don’t worry friends I haven’t lost hope, I’m mostly venting my frustration. I still love New York and I’m convinced things are going to work out. I knew it was going to be tough coming out here, but knowing doesn’t always make things easier.


One thought on “Unemployed in the City

  1. I know the feeling Karen! Hang in there…when I start to get frustrated, I think of all the wonderful plans that God has for you and it’s only because there’s something that’s AMAZING right around the corner! Good Luck on the hunt!

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