My Neighborhood

I live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The UWS comprises the neighborhood between 59th & 100th, Riverside Parkway and Central Park West. I’m really lucky to have found myself in such an eclectic neighborhood. There are many recognizable landmarks in the area and so many things to explore. Here is a sampling of places I enjoy in my neighborhood.

My sister running around with the dinosaurs in the AMNH

The American Museum of Natural History & Hayden Planetarium: 81st Central Park West

This is my favorite place in the city. I could get lost in this museum all day and would love every minute of it. This place is huge and houses some of the coolest displays of animals and artifacts I’ve ever seen. The thing I love most is the Hayden Planetarium, which coincidentally is curated by my favorite astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. This is the perfect place to take children, roaming through the halls is sure to spark those little imaginations. Also perfect for big kids like me.

Levain Bakery: 167 W. 74th

The cookies at this bakery will make you weep they are so good. I’m getting a little misty just thinking about them. The bakery is small but the sweet smell of chocolate chips will let you know you’re close. I’ve only had the cookies here but I hear the baked goods are pretty tasty. They don’t offer a ton of variety at this place but what they do, they do very well.

The Shops at Columbus Circle: 10 Columbus Circle Avenue

This place is right at the south west corner of Central Park. You can see the CNN building nearby and get some macaroons at the famous Bouchon Bakery. The shops are pretty upscale but the building is beautiful and full of all kinds of modern amenities. The bathrooms have tv screens, so you can watch Wolf Blitzer and wash your hands at the same time. I really want to catch Anderson Cooper or Christiane Amanpour before they head into work whenever I’m around the area. Mostly though I like to hang out and read at the Borders.

Zabars: 2245 Broadway

This supermarket is an institution. They stock the best bread, baked goods, cheeses & other specialty goods around the city. They’re known for their quality and is as close to a one stop shop as you can get here in NY. This place is also completely bonkers at all hours of the day. The bread & coffee here I can vouch for personally, they are excellent. It’s a good place to pick up a packed lunch to take to Central Park.

That’s it for now. I’ll post more when I discover more noteworthy places in the neighborhood. Better yet come and visit and explore with me.


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