Book Twins

I am terrible at making friends. Oh yes, I can be nice and on rare occasions even charming but it does not come easily to me. I am often reduced to mini pep talks to psyche myself up for gatherings of more than three. That is why it is such a balm to my nervous little soul to have a friend like Balie, my kindred spirit, book twin and very best New York friend.

Very shortly after moving to New York my roommates Tianne & Natalie came home one evening and separately told me that I should get in contact with a girl from church who worked at Penguin and could maybe help me in my search for a publishing job. I got in contact with Balie through Facebook, and she was so kind as to look over my resume and forward it along using her as a reference. Turns out the job wasn’t meant to be, but through emails and Facebook we discovered we had so much in common. We went to the Moth storyslam, and were delighted to find another person that didn’t mind waiting in line and liked to get to things not just on time but early. We have a mutual love of public radio (Ira Glass specifically), good books, & New York as a beacon of creativity and nerd fun.

Finding a good friend is such a rare and precious gift. To find someone that instantly seems like an old friend, gets you with no need for prefacing and already loves most of the things you do is something to celebrate. I am thankful for your friendship Balie! I look forward to many more book twin adventures.


Happy Anni New York

One year ago I got on a plane with a one-way ticket to New York. I was terrified, on the edge of tears almost certain that I was making a big mistake. Then on the drive into the city I caught a glimpse of that famous skyline and remembered why I did it. There is a reason why so many songs, movies, books have paid homage to this place. It can be a punishing and ofter preposterous place but it is also where people are making their dreams come true. People like me. I feel truly blessed to get to live here. It has been amazing year. I can’t wait to see what this city has in store for me next.

2010 My Year of Big Changes

2010 was a very big year for me. It started off ominously with me trekking out to New York from California. No job, no prospects, just an unshakable feeling that I NEEDed to live in New York before it was too late. I boarded that one way flight thinking that if it all came crashing down, I could at least say I tried. Then I got here and I knew, I just KNEW it was where I was meant to be and I had to do anything to stay. It was frankly terrifying. A bad economic climate, a highly competitive city, where I knew very few people, and had virtually zero experience in the industry I want to be in; the odds were stacked against me. I must have sent out over a hundred resumes, “networked” awkwardly with strangers, and generally planned for the worst (working 2 min wage jobs to scrape by until I could find something better). I felt called to this city and I have faith in callings. In April, less than 3 months after moving, I started working at The Economist. A dream company, and confirmation that living in New York is my destiny.

I feel like I packed multiple years into this one. Those first three months felt like eons. Adjusting to the pace of New York, making friends, generally trying to figure out my place here is a constant struggle. I’ve learned a lot about myself this year; I am stronger than originally thought, that I have a network of amazing friends & family who have encouraged and supported me through the hardships and triumphs, that dreams really can come true.

I love New York, my heart bursts with joy just thinking of this incredible city. I count myself incredible lucky that I am here, and can enjoy so much of what it has to offer. I have made some really incredible friends; talented, passionate people, who dream big dreams and aren’t afraid to chase after them. It feels like I’m at the center of the universe sometimes and I just love that.

It can also be terribly lonely. That glossy sheen that seems to cover everything in New York with grandeur, is also sprayed onto people’s personalities. It’s very competitive and punishing here. Meeting new people often feels like an interview; a lot of spouting qualifications and trying to impress so you can be deemed worthy enough of friendship. I’m introverted and suspicious by nature so it’s discouraging to be met with so many that just want to “network” and don’t actually want to be my friend. C’est la vie.

It’s hard to complain. This was a great year for me. I think 2011 is going to be an even greater one. Happy new year my dear friends. I hope it’s filled with hearty wholesome laughter, challenges that test your metal, memories that will turn into stories you tell for many years, surprise, adventure, good books and love. Most of all I hope you go after what you want in 2011. Life is too short.