Book Twins

I am terrible at making friends. Oh yes, I can be nice and on rare occasions even charming but it does not come easily to me. I am often reduced to mini pep talks to psyche myself up for gatherings of more than three. That is why it is such a balm to my nervous little soul to have a friend like Balie, my kindred spirit, book twin and very best New York friend.

Very shortly after moving to New York my roommates Tianne & Natalie came home one evening and separately told me that I should get in contact with a girl from church who worked at Penguin and could maybe help me in my search for a publishing job. I got in contact with Balie through Facebook, and she was so kind as to look over my resume and forward it along using her as a reference. Turns out the job wasn’t meant to be, but through emails and Facebook we discovered we had so much in common. We went to the Moth storyslam, and were delighted to find another person that didn’t mind waiting in line and liked to get to things not just on time but early. We have a mutual love of public radio (Ira Glass specifically), good books, & New York as a beacon of creativity and nerd fun.

Finding a good friend is such a rare and precious gift. To find someone that instantly seems like an old friend, gets you with no need for prefacing and already loves most of the things you do is something to celebrate. I am thankful for your friendship Balie! I look forward to many more book twin adventures.


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