Things Making Me Happy This Week – Feb 25th edition

Pushing Daisies

There were a few people who went on and on about how I had to check this out while it was still airing on television in 2009. I was already watching too many shows and just never got around to it. Due to a particularly draining week, a long weekend and the vast archive of streaming options on Netflix, I finally got to see what all the hoopla was about.

For those not already familiar, the story centers around Ned a pie maker with the unusual ability to bring people back from the dead. This comes with a couple of conditions, one being that if he brings someone back for longer than a minute a life of equal value in the general vicinity will be taken and two if Ned touches this person/thing a second time they are dead for good. Through a seemingly random happenstance Ned’s childhood sweetheart, Charlotte Charles also known as Chuck is murdered. Ned brings her back to life to help solve her murder (he’s part of a PI team) but doesn’t dead her again. It basically amounts to a fantastical murder mystery show with a tortured love story thrown in. There is a lot of sweetness to this show, the characters are all good hearted but trying to keep these deep dark secrets because they’re afraid of losing friends/family.

Sadly the show only lasted two seasons. It received a lot of critical acclaim in its first season but the writer’s strike interrupted the momentum of the show and it never regained the viewership it had. There was a lot of potential for stories with so many of the characters having complicated back stories that needed resolution. Oh well, I guess the two seasons is all we’ll get another good show gets Firefly-ed.

Uno (or games on my iPod)

Until this week I’ve only used my iPod to listen to music & look at my subway map app, this week I discovered games! I love card games & board games, uno is an old favorite and when I saw there was a free version I decided to try it. It took me about an hour to fork over the 99 cents to buy the full version. I think this week’s theme may be “Karen where have you been”. My subway reading has been sacrificed this week to throw cards down on my iPod. I understand now the gaming addiction.

photo by BK

The Talent Brand Variety Show

The last Wednesday of every month The Talent Brand Variety Show puts on a show. When I discovered this I felt like it was made especially for me. I am a public radio nerd and this show brings together some notable contributors to This American Life and other comedians, entertainers, magicians, scientists, weirdos. It’s two hours of solid fun and only $5. Every show has a theme and this month’s theme was “Dancing with the Semifamous”. It was structured after the Dancing with the Stars model and since it was the show’s one year anniversary they brought back many of the participants from the first show to compete. I got to see Ira Glass do a modern dance number! The judges were comedian Eugene Mirman, writer David Rakoff & a lady dance instructor whose name I cannot remember. The show is in some old warehouse turned into a bar in Brooklyn but I can get over the sea of plaid shirts and thick framed glasses for this show. I love that there is random stuff like this going on everywhere in New York.