The Address is 221B Baker Street…

and it is ruining my life. I love TV. British telly has an especially grand sitting room in my heart. My current obsession is the BBC’s modern day adaptation of Sherlock (showing stateside via PBS). The show stars high functioning sociopath Sherlock Holmes as played by Benedict Cumberbatch and the ever faithful companion John Watson played by Martin Freeman running around London solving crimes with the science of deduction. There have been many adaptations of the beloved character of Sherlock but this one is by far my favorite.

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are two of the co-creators and writers of this show and coincidentally are also involved in another one of my TV obsessions, Doctor Who. I love them and simultaneously hate them. I love them because they have created characters that I care about and have weaved thrilling stories together on their loom of madness.  I hate them because they push me off a cliff of a story and just leave me hanging there and then they mock me by letting on that they know how it works out but that they just haven’t gotten around to filming it yet. They relish in our suffering.

Each season consists of 3, hour and a half long episodes. So far only season 1 has been shown in the states. The UK already has season 2. The 2nd season is scheduled to air on PBS sometime in May (why the delay PBS?). Thanks to my inability to wait for anything and a little app called Tunnelbear I was able to watch it with all the other Brits via BBC’s iPlayer.  The writers refer to them as mini-films which they cite as the reason for the limited number of episodes per season. Combine that with the fact that much of the principle staff of the show is tied up with other projects and you get a huge question mark as to when the next season will be ready to watch. I have been reduced to commiserating with people on Pinterest and trying to get as many of my friends to watch it as I can. If you haven’t seen it yet, GO NOW and rent it or watch it streaming on Netflix then let’s talk about it. I am also looking for a new TV show to watch so suggestions are welcome.

Fan Girl Rant Over.


2 thoughts on “The Address is 221B Baker Street…

  1. Hi, Karen.

    Like you, I have completely fallen for this BBC incarnation of Sherlock, the actors, writers, all of it. A long-time Holmes lover, whether by Conan Doyle or published/non published fans, this series is intoxicatingly intelligent, stunningly clever, and so very elegant. In looking through Google listings on this second season with ‘The Fall’ occurring in a few days, I found your 221-B Baker Street comments.

    After reading your comments about your obsession – shared by millions of strangers – I have read your blog backward to when you left California. What a pleasure to read of your adventures, challenges, successes, new and older friends, and your family. I love your enthusiasm for truly experiencing your life.

    One of the greatest joys the Internet brings is the opportunity to be touched by the feelings of like-minded people. Thank you for sharing yourself, and for including so many delightful and frank book reviews. I definitely need a active Book-Twin!!

    Best wishes and many blessings with your journey.

    Sherrill Hendrick
    Tacoma, WA

    • Sherrill! My apologies for a shamefully late reply to your lovely comment. I still need to figure out how to kick myself in the pants often enough to post more and check this thing. Anyway I’ll try and post more. Thank you so much for your comment. I hope things are well in Tacoma.

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