Adventures in CSA

It has become appalling clear to me in recent weeks that I don’t eat enough vegetables. Some time in May I got talked into buying a portion of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share for summer along with a couple of neighbors and my then roommate. I thought it would be a good idea for three reasons:

1. I (a normally meat and potatoes type girl) would be forced to eat more vegetables.

2. I would feel good about supporting small farms and do my little bit to support more sustainable  and organic forms of agriculture.

3. I would save money.

My shameful confessions start now. The first week I picked up the CSA share from our neighborhood butcher, I was so overwhelmed by the weight and quantity of it all that after I dropped off the vegetables at home and dutifully split the vegetables up for the neighbors I walked down to the corner and got a 2 piece meal at Popeyes with french fries and a large soda. I couldn’t identify half of the vegetables in my refrigerator and quickly realized my vegetable prep knowledge was limited to raw, steamed, roasted, or grilled.

My second confession is that I volunteer to pick up the vegetables on Mondays so that I can pawn off more of the share to my neighbors. I deny this vehemently when accused. I can’t eat a quarter share of vegetables people! I’m inexperienced as a vegetable preparer and eater. Vegetables as I have known them up until recently have served as a side dish, nay a garnish to a big steak or  rack of ribs.

Third (and final)confession is that I have thrown out SO many of the vegetables. My hope in signing up for this was that I’d cook at home a lot more rather than eating out. The thing I didn’t account for was where I was going to get the time to do all of this cooking. I tend to do most of my going out during the week so many days I don’t even get home until around 10:30 and by then I’ve already eaten and the last thing I’m thinking about is cooking vegetables.

I was starting to get rather hopeless and was ready to just put this in the things I failed at category but last week I ATE ALL MY VEGETABLES!!! The even crazier thing was that I actually enjoyed it. Somehow after all these weeks of stress and plotting and planning my menu for the week I have figured out how to incorporate vegetables in my life! There is hope for everyone. So I thought in the remaining month or so of my CSA I’d document the things I’ve been cooking and the new veggies I’ve discovered. I tried this Velvet Lemon Ginger Chicken w/ Snap Peas recipe last night (thanks Pinterest), and it was a real winner.

Lastly I just want to mention Lancaster Fresh Farm Cooperative who supplies my vegetables, fruit, and eggs every week (they do cheese, flower and hog shares too) and Harlem Shambles who provide me with the steak that accompanies my vegetables and kindly offers their shop as a pick up point for my CSA share.